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Non-Profit Organization led by a team of award winning people who have come together to work on Vision 2050.

Train the next generation of space leaders, tinkers and designers to use the tools from space to solve problems on the earth. Use satellites as a tool for the training required.

Our programs and discussions are focused on educating the general mass on space technology and its relevance to the society.

Work with government stakeholders, planning commissions and ministries to place first astronaut in space by 2050. First step is to focus on satellite systems.

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A Non-profit, working towards developing the space industry and pushing space education forward in Nepal. Established with a collective vision to improve the status-quo of the space sector and putting a Nepali Astronaut into space by 2050.

Short and long Space BootCamp, to help develop skills, curiosity and awareness of space and space systems. R&D of space systems and payload to be sent to space. Development and manufacturing of educational space resources. Collaboration with educational institutions to develop critical skills and mass among students to teach and generate critical mass and native space engineers.

SastoCube (Educational) Satellite Initiative (SSI) was launched on January 1, 2021 with the support of the National Innovation Center led by Dr. Mahabir Pun. By creating small, functional satellite kits that can be used in classrooms from Grade 7 and above, SSI aims to inspire the next generation of Nepalese to take space sciences and engineering so it can fulfil Antarikchya’s Vision 2050; a vision to put the first Nepalese in space by 2050.


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