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Non-Profit Organization led by a team of award winning people who have come together to work on Vision 2050.

Train the next generation of space leaders, tinkers and designers to use the tools from space to solve problems on the earth. Use satellites as a tool for the training required.

Our programs and discussions are focused on educating the general mass on space technology and its relevance to the society.

Work with government stakeholders, planning commissions and ministries to place first astronaut in space by 2050. First step is to focus on satellite systems.

Frequently Asked Questions

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A Non-profit, working towards developing the space industry and pushing space education forward in Nepal, dedicated to advancing the nation's presence in outer space. Our ambitious vision revolves around launching the first Nepalese astronaut by the year 2050, symbolizing a significant stride in the field of space exploration.

Committed to technological innovation, we are actively engaged in various satellite projects, leveraging our expertise to contribute to scientific research and communication advancements. Our current mission revolves around launching The First High School Constellation of CubeSats in Space. We also conduct Short and long Space BootCamp, to help develop skills, curiosity, and awareness of space and space systems, R&D of space systems and payload to be sent to space, Development and manufacturing of educational space resources, and Collaboration with educational institutions.

Upcoming Events

CANSAT Training

A training event on developing a satellite simulation integrated within the volume and shape of a soft drink can. Participants learn about the components of a satellite and fit all the major components inside the small space of a can.

Date: 27th June onwards

Satellite BootCamp for School and College Students

Build, test, launch and take home a complete Educational satellite (CanSat) that focuses on core circuit designing, soldering, hardware integration, software design, wireless communication and sensor data analytics skills. The program is well-tested end-t

Date: 27th June onwards


Antarikchya Pratisthan Nepal brings forward the yearly edition of SPACE CON for the year 2024. Stay tuned for the details!

Date: 12th April


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Our Team

Dr. Abhas Maskey


Janardhan Silwal

Satellite Research Fellow

Nayan Bakhadyo

Satellite Research Fellow | SUSN project lead

Bikalpa Dhungana

Satellite Research Fellow

Sirash Sayanju

Satellite Research Fellow | Danfe Space Mission

Sagar Koirala

Satellite Research Fellow | Ground Sensor Terminal

Eliza Sapkota

Satellite Research Fellow

Trishna Shrestha

Satellite Research Fellow

Anuja Shrestha

Satellite Research Fellow

Sulav Jung Thapa

Satellite Research Fellow | UAV engineer

Kushal KC

Geomatics Engineer | Satellite Data Analyst | GIS Mapping

Alison Shilpakar

Civil Engineer | Satellite Data Analyst

Sujan Tyata

Civil Engineer| Satellite Data Analyst

Rishav Adhikari

Slippers2Sat Project Manager

Ira Sharma

Satellite Research Fellow

Anjali Dhami

Slippers2Sat Team

Kriti Dahal

Slippers2Sat Team

Sajan Duwal

Slippers2Sat Team

Prem Bahadur Rana

Slippers2Sat Team

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